Friday, October 9, 2015

FIRE! It up with Technology

Although this past week was Fire Safety Week, the month of October is designated as National Fire Prevention Month. So if you didn’t get everything in this week or you are looking for some new ideas for next year, we have some suggestions on how you can give your lesson plans an extra “spark” by using some technology tools such as QR Codes.

Using a Voki character, like Sparky the Dog, is a great way to introduce fire safety.

Hopefully you have had a chance to use Chatterpix. How fun for student’s own Sparky talk about fire safety!

And there are a plethora of great books out there on fire safety. Try a new one!

And don’t forget to thank your local firefighters!

QR Codes:


Chatterpix Videos:


Fire Safety Books:




  1. Such great activities! I am glad I found you in the TpT blog Roll!!
    My kids have always loved firemen and learning about fire prevention!

    1. Thanks so much Bekki! Most of my activities do come from my products and the ones that are not are ones that I make as I go! Feel free to email me for those extra freebies and I'll be glad to send them to you!